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Ameri-Cal Weight Clinic - Welcome! Lose weight and feel great! It won't go unnoticed! We care about you and we’ll give you all the support you need. Ameri-Cal Weight Clinic clients are seen by a qualified physician. Our program includes low-calorie meal plans and FDA approved appetite suppressants to help control hunger - Fairfield, CA

Curves - Curves works because it gives you a complete cardio and strength-training workout in just 30 minutes, where you can burn up to 500 calories every time.
The circuit is made up of resistance machines that work every major muscle group, two muscles at a time.
And with a circuit coach to teach and motivate, you’re sure to reach your fitness goals in no time. Whether you want to lose weight and inches, gain energy or tone up, the Curves circuit will work for you
- Fairfield, CA

Jenny Craig - The first step of your Jenny Craig Program is to meet with your program director (either in-person at a local centre, or over the phone with Jenny Craig At Home). We start by reviewing your YourStyle® Profile – a simple but powerful tool that identifies your personal eating style, activity stage and weight loss mindset. We use the results of the YourStyle® profile to customize our program to be most effective for you. We'll also do an initial weigh-in and take your measurements - Fairfield, California